Keep Your Paved Surface Smooth and Strong

Keep Your Paved Surface Smooth and Strong

Find out about our local sealcoating services in the Sidney, ME area

Asphalt and concrete can develop little pits and hairline cracks over time, and those minor problems can become large holes and deep fissures.

You can prevent that by adding a protective coat to your asphalt or concrete surface. Davis Paving LLC offers commercial sealcoating and residential sealcoating services. You can hire us to coat a surface like your driveway or parking lot within 60 miles of Sidney, ME.

We can also seal and coat a crack in your pavement to keep it from worsening. To find out more about our crack repair or sealcoating services, email a contractor today.

What should you know when you get your pavement sealcoated?

When you hire us to apply your sealcoating, we'll keep you informed every step of the way. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • You'll need to stay off of the surface for a day while the coat dries
  • We'll give you a book about taking care of your driveway
  • We'll recommend scheduling service every year or two years

When you get residential or commercial sealcoating services, you'll also get in-depth information. Work with our team now to get informed.