Adding a New Driveway? Prep Your Land.

Adding a New Driveway? Prep Your Land.

Schedule our excavation & site prep services in any area within 60 miles of Sidney, ME

It's challenging to install a driveway on land that is uneven, jagged or too sharply sloped. Davis Paving LLC can provide excavation services to create a smooth area for your driveway in or near Sidney, ME.

Our team can also provide excavation services when you need:

  • A level area for a parking lot installation project
  • A trench for a utilities installation project
  • A ditch for a drainage installation project

Plus, we can complete site preparation to set the stage for your driveway installation or other project. Call 207-622-3444 today to discuss your project and land with a local contractor.

Find out why you can count on our team

Excavation is no job for amateurs, but our team has been completing all kinds of excavation projects for more than 25 years. We've also been handling site preparation for projects ranging from pavement installation, to construction, to drainage installation. When you need excavation or site preparation services, think of our team first.